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Terms and Conditions

As a browser, to use the Klickalogo website, you agree to the "User Terms and Conditions" (Below).

As a customer you must agree and accept the "Terms and Conditions", which you will be asked to "check" prior to Registration.


The Klickalogo name and logo are copyright protected by UK, European and International law. The Klickalogo website design is also protected by UK European and International law.

All other displayed individual Logos are copyright protected by their respective owner.

Permission from the Logo/copyright owner must be granted for any further use (other than viewing and using the link to access their web site).

User Terms and Conditions

You may browse the site for viewing Logos and connecting to the respective website only. You may not copy, publish, sell, rent, exploit or license any logos, data, lists, material,contacts or email addresses. You may not otherwise copy, edit, modify or exploit for commercial purposes, any part of this website.


Web site advertisers (Customers) agree to display their respective logo in the category and county placement, royalty free.

Klickalogo reserve the right to make any adjustments and or corrections in your listing, description, key words, title etc. to ensure that our website standards are maintained. We will not (unless you request and grant permission) make any alterations to your uploaded logo file.

If the site your Logo is linked to does not meet with approval, the link will be disabled. For approval your linked site must be complete (not under construction) and fully functional and available for use. It must not be of poor design, unfinished, distasteful, illegal or banned by any search engines.

Advertisers will not hold Klickalogo responsible for the infringement of copyright by any user, other customer or any third party.